the krays new blood image announcement 1 - Director Richard John Taylor Announces THE KRAYS: NEW BLOOD

Director Richard John Taylor Announces THE KRAYS: NEW BLOOD

Richard John Taylor, who directed last year’s successful crime drama The Krays: Dead Man Walking, announced at a special industry event in London that he is working on a second film about the city’s notorious twin gangsters titled The Krays: New Blood. Marc Pickering and Nathanjohn Carter will play Reggie and Ronnie Kray respectively, having already portrayed them in Dead Man Walking.

Although filming is not set to commence for a number of weeks, most of the supporting cast members have already been confirmed. They will include Nicholas Ball, Josh Myers, Michael McKell, Lacey Bond, Charlie Woodward, Marcus Langford, Victor Rios, Triana Terry, Nina Cranstoun, Kev Orkian and Sherrie Hewson.

Executive producer Richard Watts-Joyce provided us with a number of quotes about the film, calling it ‘brutal and bleak’ and saying it would focus on the death of Reggie’s wife, Frances Kray, and the possibility that Ronnie may have played a role in her death.

We enjoyed Taylor’s previous film, Muse, and awarded it a highly positive review earlier this year. So we’re interested to see how he approaches New Blood, which he has described as a ‘gangland epic’. The film will be a joint production between his own company, Hello Princess, and Altis International on behalf of distributor 4Digital, and will be released in 2020. Taylor is also currently working on a book about his friend, actor Leslie Grantham, who passed away last year.

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