Halloween Kills Banner 2 - First Footage from HALLOWEEN KILLS Hits the Internet!

First Footage from HALLOWEEN KILLS Hits the Internet!

Happy Halloween, Dread Central readers. Here’s a sweet surprise we’re certain you’ll want to stuff in your sack!

Halloween Kills, the sequel to 2018’s Halloween, is currently filming in South Carolina. Today, the film’s star, iconic Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis, gives us our first look at the mayhem that’s in store. Curtis shared the video below with her Twitter followers.

In addition to Curtis, Returning cast members include Nick Castle and Jibrail Nantambu. Newcomers include Robert Longstreet as Lonnie Elam, Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle, and Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace (reprising her role for 1978’s Halloween). David Gordon Green returns to direct.

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