Exclusive: CHAPTER NINETEEN Pay Loving Homage To Stephen King In “Stephen” Music Video

West Midlands, England rockers Chapter Nineteen are fans of acclaimed horror author Stephen King. Like, really big fans. So much so that they’ve recorded a single called “Stephen” and we’re here to exclusively premiere the music video!

Packed to the brim with references to King novels, stories, movies, and homages, the video is a smorgasbord of love for the author. If anyone has the ability, it’d be interesting to see just how many references they can pick up. Leave your findings in the comments and let’s see if we can figure them all out!

Vocalist/guitarist/bassist Dave Musson explains, “As you can probably tell from the fact the band is called Chapter Nineteen and our first single is about Stephen King, I’m a massive fan of the master of horror. I’ve had the idea for this video for a long time – I knew I wanted to create something that referenced as many of King’s works as possible. So, I went through his entire bibliography and came up with something for everything he’s written, before trying to distill that into something that would still work as a cohesive visual story. And, as it turns out, I think we managed it. This is my visual love letter to my favourite author, and I really Constant Readers everywhere have fun trying to spot all of the references. Oh, and if they like the song too, that would be a bonus!”

Director Rich Rees, from Twin Trees Creative, added: “We loved working on this project. It was quite a challenge pulling together so many references into one piece, but Dave’s vision was really strong so we made it happen. It was great to have a film where practically every single frame has meaning attached to it. We enjoyed learning more about the world of King’s works too – we’re obviously familiar with a lot of the film adaptations of his works, but jumping into the world of the original written works was quite the treat!”

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Chapter Nineteen Stephen front cover - Exclusive: CHAPTER NINETEEN Pay Loving Homage To Stephen King In "Stephen" Music Video
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