Dead Team Looking Like a Sharp Zombie Flick

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Shambling zombies… what a pain in the ass they can be with all their slobbering and brain eating. They can really harsh your mellow. Thankfully writer/producer/director Wes Young has a new line of defense for us. He’s bringing us the Dead Team.

Currently the film only has a teaser trailer as they are working on funding, but the concept is unique. Without a military presence, civilians are finding themselves overwhelmed by the zombie hordes (as you would imagine). But five people, the Dead Team, use their unique skills to vanquish the undead in unorthodox ways, as the trailer below will illustrate.

Ilea Matthews is slated to star in the film, and the other members of the cast are currently being assigned. Check out the Dead Team website, give ’em a like on the Dead Team Facebook page and follow @deadteammovie on Twitter. Thanks to Tipmaster General Avery G for the heads up on this one.

About Dead Team
Dead Team is a feature-length zombie movie that takes a waitress, a butcher, a Marine, a lawyer and a computer hacker and forces them to work together and combine their talents to survive the zombie apocalypse.

In response to the viral outbreak, five strangers discover that their everyday mundane skills can be adapted into hardcore zombie killing techniques. With the lack of military support for rescue, they use their combined skills in extraordinary ways to fight the hordes of undead and make their way to a military safe zone.

Their journey to make it to a safe zone brings them across other non-infected citizens who are trapped by the undead. The group members overcome their fear and decide that they have to help. They put themselves in harm’s way to save the people. The further they travel, the more people they encounter and rescue. Their trip gets detoured even further when they discover that the wife of one of the group members is trapped in a city 300 miles away. It becomes a race to save her and escape the dead lands alive.

The word spreads quickly about the five warriors who battle the undead. They became a sign of hope. They became a legend. They became known as the Dead Team.

deadteam1 - Dead Team Looking Like a Sharp Zombie Flick

deadteam3 - Dead Team Looking Like a Sharp Zombie Flick

deadteam2 - Dead Team Looking Like a Sharp Zombie Flick

deadteam - Dead Team Looking Like a Sharp Zombie Flick

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