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Bubba Dead, Tall Man Alive?



!Last month Fangoria was able to confirm that Bruce Campbell was no longer attached to Bubba Nosferatu, but that doesn’t exactly mean it is dead in the water. In the article it is mentioned that filmmaker Don Coscarelli wants to recast the part of Elvis. A source that wishes to remain unnamed e-mailed with the information that the BN script had been sent to three actors: Kurt Russell (who has played the King before), Jeffery Combs and a mystery third person.

Sadly all three actors turned down the part. What does this mean for us fans? The project is once again dead. Damnit!

On the brighter side of things, the same source who brought us the BN info was also able to update us on the status of the fifth Phantasm film (“First Look at Phantasm V?” – July 2007). According to our anonymous friend, “As for Phantasm V… things are starting to heat up with Anchor Bay Entertainment (Starz now) meeting with Don quite a lot these days. You should find it suspect that franchise hero Reggie Bannister is linking to a Phantasm5.com site on his official webpage (reggiebannister.com). Might this mean something?


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