In Addition to Live-Action SPAWN Reboot, Todd McFarlane Wants Two Animated Series

Todd McFarlane may be struggling to get his hardcore, R-rated Spawn reboot off the ground at Blumhouse, but that’s not stopping him for pushing forward with new ideas. In addition to said reboot, the animator/filmmaker wants to make two new animated series for Spawn. Here’s what he told our friends at ComicBook.com:

“We’re talking right now. I just had a couple of meetings this weekend about a couple of different animation looks, both something that we can get kids in at a younger age and then get them into the sort of crack cocaine version of Spawn. And then do the adult one. So we’re talking about that. I think both of those come after the movie.”

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A Spawn animated series from the 1990s became a cult hit, so returning to that medium seems like a smart move. Also, considering Spawn is a comic book character, a cartoon adaptation is more in-line with the source material. Hopefully, McFarlane will be able to bring all of his Spawn projects to fruition.

We’ll keep you posted on all Spawn-related news as details emerge. Stay tuned and check back often!

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