HARD:LINE 2019 Exclusive: Blood, Violence, And Terror Powers Fest’s Trailer!

With less than a month to go until Regensburg, Germany’s HARD:LINE Film Festival, now would be the perfect time to drop an epic trailer that showcases much of what the fest has to offer. Luckily, Dread Central is here to show you precisely that! Check it out above!

Demonstrating exactly what’s in store for attendees, this year’s festival, as we can see from the trailer will include titles such as Why Don’t You Just Die!, Itsy Bitsy, and The Pool, each a fantastic film in their own right and each drastically different in style from the other. Also playing the festival will be Achoura, Aniara, Ghost Killers vs Bloody Mary, Bliss, and The Wretched.

If this is the level of quality we can expect from HARD:LINE, I’d say folks are in for one hell of a good time!

To learn more about HARD:LINE, you can visit their official website.



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