HARD:LINE 2019: Short Film Selection Brings 16 Stellar Titles To German Genre Fest

Regensburg, Germany’s HARD:LINE Film Festival is thrilled to reveal information about its short film selection, which will see 10 titles from Europe and an additional six films from around the world. The European titles will be in competition for the prestigious Mélès D’Argent (Silver Melies), which will see the winner take the German nomination for the main prize, which will be awarded at this year’s Sitges Film Festival in Spain.

Jurors for this year’s HARD:LINE Film Festival shorts category include Julian Richards, Stefan Schimeck (Shivers Film Festival), and myself, Jonathan Barkan.

This year’s short films include:

A Little Taste
Spain 2019 | 5 Min | R: Victor Català German Premiere
In Competition

El Cuento Spain 2019 | 9 Min | R: Lucas Paulino, Ángel Torres
In Competition

El Libre
Spain 2019 | 3 Min | R: Francesca Català German Premiere
In Competition

Getting Off Early
Estonia 2018 | 3 Min | R: Noah Ambrose German Premiere
In Competition

Spain 2018 | 9 Min | R: Germán Sancho
In Competition

Spain 2019 | 11 Minuten | R: Angel Hernández Suarez
In Competition

Great Britain 2018 | 5 Minuten | R: Keir Siewert German Premiere
In Competition

Czech 2018 | 25 Min | R: Nicole Goode German Premiere
In Competition

The Burden
Netherlands 2018 | 16 Min | R: Nico van den Brink German Premiere
In Competition

Your Last Day On Earth
Spain 2018 | 13 Min | R: Marc Martinez Jordan
In Competition

Malaysia 2019 | 15 Min | R: Abilash Chandra European Premiere
International Selection

USA 2019 | 13 Min | R: Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr German Premiere
International Selection

For My Cat Mieze
Brasil 2018 | 25 Min | R: Wesley European Premiere
International Selection

Australia 2019 | 16 Min | R: Louisa Weichmann European Premiere
International Selection

Her Body
Mexico 2018 | 11 Min | R: Juan Avella
International Selection

Night Crawl
USA 2019 | 9 Min | R: Gregory Shultz World Premiere
International Selection

To learn more about HARD:LINE, you can visit their official website.



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