The Ultimate Hunter Goes To Feudal Japan In PREDATOR: AKUMA Concept Trailer

samuraipredatorbanner 750x422 - The Ultimate Hunter Goes To Feudal Japan In PREDATOR: AKUMA Concept Trailer

A few years ago, writer/director James Bushe released his stylish and professional fan film Predator: Dark Ages. The film posited a simple question: “What if the Yautja had been coming to Earth to face the deadliest, most dangerous, among us for centuries? What would such a face-off look like?” Now Bushe wants to revisit this conceit but take it far into the East, back to feudal Japan. Enter Predator: Akuma.

A concept trailer was created for this project, which uses footage from a swath of Japanese films as well as 2010’s Predators. Here it is in all its glory:

According to, Bushe will cede writing duties for this project to Sam Ibrahim, who is known for cutting fan trailers, a talent that landed him a full-time gig in the field.

A new story about a young samurai recounting his story about a battle that was fought; deep in the heart of a forest in Kyoto, Japan.

The short will soon be on Kickstarter where it will seek crowdfunding to help make it a reality.

Interestingly, Predator: Akuma isn’t the first time that someone was convinced the Yautja would be happily at home slaughtering the people of feudal Japan. In late 2017, blast Inc. released a faux trailer/short film that saw the vicious hunter take on one of Japanese cinema’s most iconic characters: Zatoichi, the Blind Swordsman. With over 3 million views, it goes to show that there is certainly a market of people interested in seeing similar stories.