Exclusive Trailer For Cuban Psychological Horror Film IS THAT YOU? (¿ERES TÚ, PAPÁ?)

IsThatYou KA Final 202x300 - Exclusive Trailer For Cuban Psychological Horror Film IS THAT YOU? (¿ERES TÚ, PAPÁ?)

Today, we are honored to bring you the exclusive trailer reveal for Is That You? (¿Eres Tú, Papá?), the first psychological horror/thriller to come from Cuba. The Jury Choice winner out of BIFAN, the film is a beautifully constructed feature that blends ritualistic horror and familial trauma, all set against a story where nothing is quite as it seems.

Is That You? (¿Eres Tú, Papá?) will open at the Laemmle Music Hall in Los Angeles on August 2 before heading to DVD and VOD platforms on August 13.

Living in a modest shack in the Cuban countryside, thirteen-year-old Lili and her mother appear trapped in a meager, suffocating existence by her domineering father, Eduardo. His sudden absence should represent a new freedom for the girl and her mother, but Lili is distraught, and we come to discover just how strong the influence of this monstrous man is over his family. In desperation at losing Eduardo, Lili carries out a ritual taught to her by a spiritualist to help bring him back, leading Lili to uncover a disturbing truth about her father’s disappearance.

Is That You? was written and directed by Rudy Riverón Sánchez. It stars Gabriela Ramos, Eslinda Nuñez, Lynn Cruz, Osvaldo Doimedadiós, and Jorge Enrique Caballero.

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