Kane Hodder DC Image.001 - Kane Hodder Opens up in a Big Way on FANGORIA's CASUALTY FRIDAY

Kane Hodder Opens up in a Big Way on FANGORIA’s CASUALTY FRIDAY

Today, the FANGORIA Podcast Network drops the second episode of their outrageously fun new podcast Casualty Friday, which features hosts Tiffany Shepis, Kane Hodder, and Felissa Rose, and the episode definitely does not disappoint.

FANGO POD   Network Banner 1024x256 - Kane Hodder Opens up in a Big Way on FANGORIA's CASUALTY FRIDAY

Here the trio discuss life on the convention circuit as they all are regulars at events like Monsterpalooza, Texas Frightmare, Mad Monster Party, etc. They start by sharing humorous, amusing, and occasionally creepy stories of this life and what becomes immediately apparent is how humbly dedicated they all are to their fans.

The conversation ultimately takes a very serious and heartfelt turn when Kane addressed the following fan question: “Do you ever wish you hadn’t gotten burned?”

The question prompts Kane to go into detail about how one of the hardest periods of his life – recovery from a fire stunt gone wrong that caused burns all over his body – gave him some of the greatest gifts of his life; incredible reserves of strength, an iron will to survive, and, above all things, a universal sense of compassion.

Felissa Rose goes on to elaborate on how much of a source of hope Kane is for those who have faced similar struggles; in his convention interactions with fans who have disabilities or have gone through similar struggles, Kane has what Felissa describes as a healing effect.

KH DC  - Kane Hodder Opens up in a Big Way on FANGORIA's CASUALTY FRIDAY

Anyone who’s seen Dread Central’s own documentary, To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story will be familiar with Kane’s saga. His fate has inspired people around the world as he is a quintessential example of someone who has turned tragedy into triumph.

Hearing Kane’s heartwrenching and inspiring story furthers the well-known fact that Kane Hodder is a consummate badass and someone to be greatly admired.

Here’s a quick clip from that conversation.

To hear the whole story, check out episode 2 here. By the way, did we mention that one of the hosts gets murdered in every episode of Casualty Friday? Well they do! Even more reason to subscribe today!