Dread Central Featured Image Template.001 750x422 - FANGORIA's CASUALTY FRIDAY: Episode 1 Recap

Casualty Friday, the new conversational podcast from The FANGORIA Podcast Network, hosted by real-life friends Tiffany Shepis, Felissa Rose, and Kane Hodder launches today across all major podcast platforms!

We got a sneak-listen to episode one and it is awesome! The podcast is fun, it’s geeky, it’s edgy, and the chemistry between the three hosts is unmistakable. Despite their toughened, pull-no-punches attitudes from decades on grueling film sets, Tiffany, Kane, and Felissa are extremely lovable and their stories and anecdotes really harken listeners back to the good old days of horror!

Episode one covers a lot of fertile ground, including:

  • Their early careers and how these three first got into horror
  • What scares Kane Hodder
  • Stories about the dearly departed John Carl Buechler
  • A debate on why horror acting is the most difficult and nuanced type of dramatic acting
  • Kane Hodder’s critical ingredients for executing a brutal, effective but safe death scene (personal fave)
  • A fascinating account of how Kane Hodder was able to hone his acting skills by observing the processes of Charlize Theron on the set of Monster
  • Kane’s process for getting into the mindset of a brutal maniacal killer like Victor Crowley and Jason (his prep rituals used to scare the shit out of Tiffany Shepis on the set of Victor Crowley).

What makes this podcast so unique is that these three clearly have a deep bond of friendship. This truly feels like a series of heart-to-heart conversations amongst friends instead of contrived and formal interviews. The tone and flow of the conversations is so natural that the listener feels like they are out to drinks with these three, which, let’s face it, would be every horror fan’s dream!

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