Viral Twitter Saga THE SUN VANISHED to Become a Live-Action Series?

The Sun Vanished Banner 750x422 - Viral Twitter Saga THE SUN VANISHED to Become a Live-Action Series?

In April of 2018, in a dimension close to our own, the sun vanished–and has yet to reappear. Since then, an unnamed narrator has chronicled his struggle for survival in a world teeming with zombified human, alien spacecraft, and potentially deadly viruses. The Sun Vanished is an evolving Twitter saga along the lines of Adam Ellis’s Dear David paranormal tale.

And like Dear David, The Sun Vanished may be making a transition from Twitter to big (or perhaps small) screens. The story’s creator, Aidan Elliott, shared an image on Twitter yesterday–one with incredible implications.

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It’s the picture of a title page for a script titled The Sun Vanished, Episode 1! The image included the following caption:

“Been hard at work on new @TheSunVanished content, but not the kind of content you’re thinking about…”

Like all of The Sun Vanished, Elliott’s tweet is both nebulous and intriguing. You’d better believe we’ll be watching this potential project like hawks to see what develops. Stay tuned and check back often for The Sun Vanished updates as details emerge.

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