Joker FI - JOKER Director Todd Phillips Tells Toxic Fan to "Skip This One"

JOKER Director Todd Phillips Tells Toxic Fan to “Skip This One”

Joker Poster 202x300 - JOKER Director Todd Phillips Tells Toxic Fan to "Skip This One"

Yesterday, we reported that Todd Phillips confirmed (via Instagram) that his film Joker, an origin story for Batman’s arch-nemesis, would be rated R. While this pleased many, other fans are still disgruntled over the fact that the filmmaker is taking extreme liberties with the source material. Responding to a grump who advised Phillips to pick up a comic book and learn the true origins of the Joker, the director shot back with some simple yet effective advice:

“You might want to skip this one.”

It may seem counterproductive for a filmmaker to advise anyone not to see their film, but it reflects the toxicity of internet fandom. With a property like Batman, it will simply be impossible to please everyone.

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Failed comedian Arthur Fleck encounters violent thugs while wandering the streets of Gotham City dressed as a clown. Disregarded by society, Fleck begins a slow descent into madness as he transforms into the criminal mastermind known as the Joker.

Joker stars Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, and Joaquin Phoenix; look for it in US theaters beginning October 4th.

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