We May Learn the Origins of the Aliens in A QUIET PLACE 2

2018’s A Quiet Place kicks off several months after a catastrophic alien invasion, a menace our protagonists deal with for the film’s entirety. Exactly where these monsters came from and how the toppled society, however, was never fully revealed. Newspaper clippings suggest a link to meteor strikes, but that’s about it.

A Quiet Place 2 is gearing up to go before the cameras, and cast member Brian Tyree Henry has dropped hints regarding the creature’s origins. While promoting Child’s Play (which drops on June 21st) he told IndieWire:

“I think that we’re also going to get a few answers to the origin of where and how this whole thing happened [in A Quiet Place 2]. I think that people want to know that. But I think you’re just going to see another side of it…more of humanity that survived this thing in this next story.”

In addition to Henry, confirmed cast members for A Quiet Place 2 are Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe. If you never saw 2018’s A Quiet Place (written and directed by John Krasinski, who also stars) check out the synopsis and trailer below.

If they hear you, they hunt you.

Are you a fan of 2018’s A Quiet Place? Are you excited to see a sequel in 2020 and (potentially) learn the origins of the film’s monsters? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.



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