Exclusive Trailer: Brooklyn Goes Supernatural In URBAN LEGENDZ

urbanlegendzbanner 750x422 - Exclusive Trailer: Brooklyn Goes Supernatural In URBAN LEGENDZ

Next Wednesday, Humanoids will publish a new graphic novel called Young Legendz, which comes from animators Paul Downs, Nick Bruno, and Michael Yates. We have an exclusive trailer, which you can watch above. Also, here are some quotes from the trio about their new endeavor:

Paul Downs:
“Growing up, I’d bike to the video store and head straight for the horror section. Creature features were my go-to because they allowed my imagination to run wild. I loved thinking about monsters living in my attic, under my bed or inside my toilet. Tormenting my younger sister, Keri, with the details was even better. Now, as a father, it’s amazing to see my kids do the same. All of their favorite films/books scare them. And they love amplifying that experience for each other. I hope this book conjures those same feelings for a young audience. And maybe even gets them to double check the toilet seat in the middle of the night.”

Michael Yates:
“As a kid, I was both terrified and fascinated with the horror genre. I’d plug my ears whenever someone spoke about a horror film plot. But if I heard any piece of the story I had to know how it ended. What was the monster’s weakness and how was the evil defeated? As a filmmaker, I love the idea of kids being just as invested in my horror stories now.”

Nick Bruno:
“Dreaming, playing in the ocean, trick-or-treating, summer camp, and cuddling up to your favorite buddy doll are all things that should make a kid smile. Unless you grew up in the ’80s… I hate horror!!!”

After his mother’s death, Dwayne is forced to uproot himself and move into the home where his mother grew up: a shabby apartment in Brooklyn. When your dad is a police officer and your brother’s too cool for school, what’s an insecure teen supposed to do? Dwayne’s personal problems are cast aside when he joins a new crew of young vigilantes, devoted to solving a series of sinister cases surrounding mysterious monsters that have been wreaking havoc throughout the city. What if all of the Urban Legends we all fear…were real?

You can pre-order Urban Legendz via Amazon.