Check Out Our Final Batch of Exclusive High School ALIEN Play Highlights Including Ash Losing His Head!

A few days back, we shared a complete, uncut version of North Bergen High’s encore performance of their theatrical adaptation of Alien. Tuesday, we shared exclusive footage of Sigourney Weaver introducing the production to an enthusiastic crowd, along with a full gallery of images from an out of this world afterparty. Wednesday, we shared a trio of exclusive highlights from our correspondent Paul “Nomad” Nicholasi who was in attendance on Alien Day (Friday, April 26th); the second trio of exclusive highlights followed yesterday.

Today, we’re thrilled to share our final batch of exclusive highlights from North Bergen High School’s Alien play (which was financed by franchise mastermind Ridley Scott)! In the clip embedded at the top of the article, check out the terrifying Xenomorph as it actually walks through the theater’s audience! Below, Ash attacks Ripley and the crew–and loses his head in the process!

Finally, the crew of the Nostromo finally learns the truth about their mission. Check it out:

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