Exclusive Footage of Sigourney Weaver Announcing the Encore of High Shcool ALIEN Play + Huge Image Gallery!

Yesterday, we shared a complete version of the North Bergen High School encore production of Alien. What it didn’t include, however, was an introduction by Sigourney Weaver, who attended the play on Alien Day, Friday, April 26th. Now, you can check out the actress who made Ellen Ripley a household name giving the cast and crew some serious kudos. It’s embedded at the top of the article!

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We have some more choice footage we’ll be sharing in the coming days, but we also have an immense image gallery that you are free to peruse at your leisure below. Enjoy!

The after-party looks like it was out of this world!

These kids have set the bar incredibly high for drama clubs across American and around the world! I can wait to see what they come up with next. Personally, I’m hoping for a stage production of Aliens in 2020!

Thanks to Dread’s own Paul Nicholasi (aka Nomad) for all of this amazing coverage!



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