UndertheSilverLakeFI - UNDER THE SILVER LAKE Getting Dumped on VOD This Month

UNDER THE SILVER LAKE Getting Dumped on VOD This Month

Under the Silver Lake Poster 203x300 - UNDER THE SILVER LAKE Getting Dumped on VOD This Month

I was a huge fan of Under the Silver Lake, the sophomore release from It Follows writer/director David Robert Mitchell, when it screened at Fantastic Fest in 2018. In all honesty, that probably put me in the minority of moviegoers who saw the film. Many complained it was too long, meandering, and… weird!

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Originally slated for a December release, A24 punted the opening date back to April. Now we’re getting word that Under the Silver Lake is, esenially being dumped straight to VOD. The film will get an extremely limited release in Los Angeles and New York City on April 19th before going to On Demand on April 22nd.

Rumors suggest A24 was hoping to release a truncated version of Under the Silver Lake in theaters, but Mitchell refused to budge on his vision. It’s a shame, in my opinion, as I found Under the Silver Lake to be as unique as It Follows with much more overt, black comedy. It may not get the nationwide rollout I believe it deserves, but it’s still worthy of your attention.

Check out the synopsis and trailer for Under the Silver Lake below.

When his beautiful, mysterious neighbor disappears without a trace, Sam tries to find the parties responsible, unraveling a string of strange crimes, unsolved murders and bizarre coincidences in his East Los Angeles neighborhood.

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