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Does Chris Fehn Want to Stay in SLIPKNOT?

It’s a weird time to be a Slipknot fan, am I right maggots? We’ve been on pins and needles waiting for the band’s 6th studio album to drop since the surprise release of the single “All Out Life” on Halloween 2018. Word on the street suggests the album will drop this August, and the first leg of a North American summer tour has already been announced.

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But Slipknot news of late has been less than thrilling, ever since it was announced that long-time percussionist Chris Fehn, a member of the band since 1998, is suing fellow percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan and vocalist Corey Taylor. Fehn filed a lawsuit in New York alleging Crahan and Taylor (the de-facto leaders of Slipknot) have been withholding funds by funneling profits through a series of corporations that were not disclosed to the band as a whole.

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This shocking news was followed by an announcement from Slipknot that Fehn was no longer a member of the band. But Fehn’s lawyer has since made it clear: The percussionist didn’t quit Slipknot—he was fired. Not only that, Fehn’s attorney seemed to suggest that the zipper-mouthed percussionist wants to keep his job. Sound like a complex mess, doesn’t it?

Our friends at Rock Feed break down this latest twist in the video embedded at the top of the article. You can unpack the details of Fehn’s lawsuit against Crahan and Taylor by following the link below. In a nutshell: It’s a clusterfuck that may not derail the band’s upcoming album or tour, but has certainly produced one bummer of a vibe.

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Charismatic Fehn has always been a fan favorite, and maggots will be disheartened to see him go. And if it turns out there’s merit to his lawsuit, it’ll be hard not to see “Clown” and Taylor in a different, less flattering light. I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say I sincerely hope all parties can reach an amicable resolution.

Look, you can love them or hate them, but Slipknot has been doing their thing for over 20 years. Fans have gone through thick and thin with them, enduring pain and tragedy. They’re more than just nine guys in horror masks; they’re heroes to legions of outcasts world-wide. And, in my humble opinion, they rock most excellently. Just check out the video for “Spit It Out” below.

Do you hope Chris Fehn and Slipknot can work everything out in time for the Knotfest Roadshow 2019? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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