DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Special Edition – The Disappearance of Hannah Minx

As we continue our quest for answers to the strange and bizarre riddles of the web, some of these mysteries hit a bit closer to home than we expected. One such case is the sudden “disappearance” of web-celeb Hannah Minx – a social media superstar obsessed with Japanese pop culture who made quite a name for herself among the cosplay community, with over 600,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Under the name Hannah Wagner, the social media superstar was cast as the bubbly, blue-haired “Adventure Girl” Sadie in Dread Presents’ holiday horror-comedy Slay Belles… but shortly after production completed, Hannah seemed to drop off the internet completely. No warning, no explanation – the web persona known as Hannah Minx had simply ceased to exist.

Slay Belles director SpookyDan Walker knew Hannah through the Los Angeles horror community, and she’d previously played a role in Darren Bousman’s The Devil’s Carnival. Bousman himself was so concerned, he considered hiring a private detective to discover what happened to her.

As some of our previous investigations have revealed, finding the answers to certain mysteries just lead to more questions – and the case of Hannah Minx is no exception.

Check out our mini-episode above and find out why… and be sure to catch Slay Belles on Amazon Prime today!

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