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8 Horror Movies You Might Not Know Are Connected

While horror practitioners have been leaving Easter Eggs for uber-fans to discover for decades, you may be surprised to know that some unlikely genre films are actually connected. We’ve seen the Evil Dead’s Necronomicon pop up more times than we can count, but did you know that Cabin in the Woods is related to The Faculty? What about the connection between Silent Hill and Village of the Damned, or Slither’s relationship with The Thing?

These and other connections between horror movies you might have missed are discussed in the video above from our friends at WhatCulture. Set aside ten minutes and give it a spin; it’ll forever change the way you look at some famous genre flicks!

What do you think of the horror movie connections explored in the video from WhatCulture? What are some other random horror movie connections that most people missed? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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