DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Case File #5 Teaser – “The Alien Ranch!”

Grey 04b 750x422 - DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Case File #5 Teaser – "The Alien Ranch!"

We hope we’re keeping you thoroughly unsettled with each new installment of our web series Dread: The Unsolved… but be warned, we’re just getting started!

Our next episode, slated to debut right here on Thursday, February 21, delves into an ongoing situation that seems to get stranger with each passing day…

At first glance, Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona seems like the ideal home for a retirement-age couple seeking a cozy escape from big-city life… a four-bedroom house, nestled within ten acres of scenic Rainbow Valley, with a corral full of rescued horses. So why are the property’s current owners, John and Joyce Edmonds, so desperate to sell?

Well, to borrow a phrase: we’re not saying it’s aliens, but…

Our latest case file – appropriately titled “The Alien Ranch” – explores a bizarre mystery that began with a real estate posting, then flew straight into crazyland: a tale of glowing space portals, attempted UFO abductions, swordfights, bullets and blood.

We’re not making this up, either! We’re just reporting the details of the case, and from there you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Check out the teaser above, share it with your friends, and be sure to tune in Thursday, Feb. 21 at 11am Pacific for the full episode!



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