Dread Central Presents Teams With Burning Witches Records For Vinyl Releases!

When it comes to releasing Dread Central Presents titles, it’s a point of pride that we make sure our Blu-rays come packed with special features, including commentaries, deleted/alternate scenes, making-of features, and more. We also know that the music of our films is something really special and it deserves to be heard on its own. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce that Dread Central Presents has teamed up with UK boutique record label Burning Witches Records to do vinyl releases of our films!

The first release we’ll be putting out is System Syn‘s score to the just-released Dry Blood with the score for Imitation Girl on the way. More title announcements will be revealed in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled here!

Burning Witches’ Darren Page states, “As horror and genre fans ourselves we want to make the best package to represent the films we love. It’s an honour to be working alongside Dread on a new wave of future classics.”

Dread Central Presents’ Director of Distribution Rob Galluzzo adds, “Burning Witches Records has quickly grown to become one of my favorite vinyl labels out there. Two of the best albums that came out last year were their releases of Daniel Davies and Graham Reznick’s latest. So, I’m beyond thrilled that they’ve partnered up with us to give some of our Dread Central Presents titles the proper vinyl treatment they deserve. Both our labels share a similar, DIY punk-rock sensibility, so they’re the perfect partner for our soundtrack releases.”

Below you can see the Eileen Steinbach-created art for Dry Blood, which will be included in Burning Witches Records’ 2019 vinyl subscription package. You can order your subscription here.



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