Let’s Get a Handle on All of These ALIEN Game/Movie Rumors about Amanda Ripley

First, the official Alien Instagram account released a series of “dossiers” that detailed illegal activities in labs owned by Weyland-Yutani Corp, all stamped with the hashtag #AmandaRipley. Next came a mysterious video via Twitter, one that had Amanda Ripley’s name all over it, ending with the words: “Read. Play. Watch.” Since then, speculation has run wild regarding sequels to franchise favorite video games and even an upcoming feature film featuring the daughter of Ellen Ripley (a character made iconic by Sigourney Weaver).

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Pump the breaks people! No one here at Dread ever suggested the “dossiers” or tweet suggested a film was in the pipeline. Everyone knows that possibility is contingent on Disney (who will soon own the franchise as part of their media buy-out of 20th Century Fox) establishing new platforms for distributing R-rated content. We suspect, however, that the “Watch” command referred to the long-rumored Alien TV series, which chatter suggest will run on a yet-to-be-established streaming service. (I’m still looking at you Disney).

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As for “Play”, that’s out of my bailiwick, but it seems most gamers were hoping for a sequel to Alien: Isolation, a game that also featured Amanda Ripley. Again, not so; it seems that referred to Alien: Blackout. For a full rundown on that situation, as well as what we can actually expect from the Alien franchise in 2019, we turn to the video above one of our favorite UK film critics/academics, Mr. H.

Whatever Fox/Disney have in story for us, we’ll be sure to report all official Alien-related news as details emerge. Stay tuned!



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