Tim Seeley Draws Mashup of HALLOWEEN’s Michael Myers and HACK/SLASH’s Cassie Hack

halloweentimseeleybanner 750x422 - Tim Seeley Draws Mashup of HALLOWEEN's Michael Myers and HACK/SLASH's Cassie Hack

In the world of comics, crossover events are pretty regular, although you better believe that doesn’t diminish their exciting potentials one iota. We’ve seen some strange characters take on the Predator. Then there were the ones who had to face the perfect weapon known as the Xenomorph. It’s part and parcel for the comic community to see alternate universe storylines that allow for such crossover events. And that trend continues with Tim Seeley (Imaginary Fiends, G.I. Joe, The Occultist), who created his own mini crossover artwork by pitting Cassie Hack, the main character of his wildly popular series Hack/Slash, against Michael Myers of Halloween fame.

The artwork was done for Ryan Turker, co-producer of 2018’s Halloween, a film that went on to become the highest-grossing slasher of all time as well as having the largest box office opening for a film with a woman over the age of 55 in the lead role.

In the image that Seeley drew, Cassie is on the ground with a grenade pin in her mouth as Michael looms behind her, butcher knife held high. A fun little detail is that Cassie’s belt buckle says “Never Forget 10-31-78”, marking the Halloween holiday the release year of John Carpenter’s original film.

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