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Ice Spiders on DVD!When I first heard about the Sci-Fi Channel original movie Ice Spiders (review) I was highly skeptical. In addition to Sci-Fi’s supremely spotty track record when it comes to making original movies that don’t make me want to rip my hair out in disgust, I also had a hard time believing a movie with a title like Ice Spiders could have any chance of being worth a damn. It proved to be a cold day in hell this past June when Ice Spiders turned out to be one of the rare Sci-Fi Channel original movies that delivered some giddy B-movie fun. An intentionally cheesy little creature feature about mutant spiders running amok on a ski slope terrorizing a cast composed primarily of former cast members of “Melrose Place”, I kicked off my “thumbs up” review by simply summing up Ice Spiders as being “Eight Legged Freaks meets Hot Dog: The Movie”.

If you missed the film when it premiered on Sci-Fi two months ago, you’re in luck. Unlike so many Sci-Fi Channel movies that premiere on the network and then never seem to make it to DVD (Snakehead Terror DVD, where are you?), Ice Spiders will be spinning its web onto DVD just in time for Halloween.

Wait a sec. What’s that printed on the DVD box art? No, not the “HELL HAS JUST FROZEN OVER” tagline … What’s that harder-to-read print at the bottom say?

“Eight Legged Freaks meets Hot Dog: The Movie” –

Holy crap! I’ve just been quoted on the cover of a DVD case! Hell truly has frozen over! Ladies and gentlemen, today I am officially a quote whore! Hooray!

But before I go celebrate I should tell you that Ice Spiders will be released on DVD October 18th. If they’re planning to include any extras on the disc, Sony is keeping them a secret. I also must say the spider they have on the artwork looks far more menacing than those in the movie itself.

Oh, and there’s more spider-on-human action this coming weekend on the Sci-Fi Channel when In the Spider’s Web premieres on Sunday night (Not Saturday night, that’s reserved for the long-awaited premiere of Mega Snake) starring Lance Henriksen in the latest of his anything-for-a-paycheck roles. Actually, what tiny little buzz there is on this one is more positive than negative, believe it or not. Sounds like a creepy crawler flick that should appeal to those that prefer their killer spider movies more along the lines of Kingdom of the Spiders.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to celebrate my newfound quote-whoredom status. I’m now just a few thousand shameless quotes away from unseating quote whore king Jeffrey Lyons. Click here to pre-order Ice Spiders through Evilshop!

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