DEAD BY DAYLIGHT: DARKNESS AMONG US Unleashes First Human Killer on December 11th

Behaviour used tonight’s Game Awards to announce that Chapter 10 of their hit survival horror Dead by Daylight: Darkness Among Us will launch on December 11th. The game will include a new map and, for the first time in the game’s history, the killer will be a human, making him (or her?) even more difficult to differentiate from survivors.

They also used the occasion to announce that dedicated servers will be up and running by Summer 2019, meaning there will be plenty of room to join the 10+ million players who have already explored Dead by Daylight’s darkest corners.

“This has been the number one request from the community and we are excited to finally be able to make this announcement! We are also happy to announce that our team of programmers has already done a first successful internal test back in November. We still have a long way to go before fully migrating to dedicated servers and will keep you posted on our milestones as we progress.” said Mathieu Côté, Dead by Daylight’s Game Director.

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Source: Game Space