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Until recently, the identity of Ghost frontman Tobias Forge was unknown and only became a matter of public record following a lawsuit filed by ex-band members who claimed ownership over much of the band’s material. Forge won the lawsuit, establishing himself as the sole founder and creative mastermind behind Ghost (in all of the band’s incarnations).

Perhaps as a matter of due process (or perhaps out of a desire to turn the ongoing dispute into a full-on media circus), the ex-Ghost members have filed an appeal—and here’s where things really get weird: The plaintiffs are alleging they lost their case because Forge and the judge presiding over the case are both members of the same secret society: The Swedish Order of Freemasons.

Though secretive and enigmatic, the Swedish Order of Freemasons is actually a well-established society, so no one is alleging Forge and his clubmates sacrificed babies to Satan or anything. Still, they claim there was a clear conflict of interest, as the frontman and the judge are “brothers” as part of the same fraternal organization. Traditionally, Freemasons swear loyalty to one another.

Are you a fan of Ghost? Objectively, do you think the ex-band members have a point regarding the judge’s potential bias? Do you even put stock in the idea that Forge is a member of the Swedish Order of Freemasons? Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

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