DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Will Explore Nightmarish Mysteries of the Web… & Beyond!

Dread Unsolved 750x422 - DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Will Explore Nightmarish Mysteries of the Web... & Beyond!

Today, we’re pleased to announce a new, original web series coming this month to Dread Central: Dread: The Unsolved will explore strange, baffling and nightmarish mysteries from the domain of online viral media to the darkest recesses of the Deep Web. A modern spin on classic TV series like Unsolved Mysteries and In Search Of (shows that instilled nightmares in generations of viewers) Dread opens these cases up to viewers, who are then invited to email any information that could help solve or explain these disturbing puzzles.

Each episode will investigate cases of unexplained phenomena, unsolved deaths and disappearances, cryptic viral videos, paranormal sightings, and all the latest terrifying content making the rounds on social media. Episode 1, “The Lost Puppeteers,” is slated to premiere next week exclusively on DreadCentral.com, with new episodes arriving twice a month.

Are you excited to plumb the darkest corridors of the Internet with Dread: The Unsolved? What mysteries are you hoping to see explored? Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!



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