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coulrophobia dvd 1 211x300 - COULROPHOBIA: TERROR TRIP Brings Killer Clown Action To DVD

Back in December, we reviewed a killer clown movie called Coulrophobia, which we found to be enjoyably nasty and good fun overall. Although it’s been available in the UK for some time, the film is now available on DVD in the US under the extended title of Coulrophobia: Terror Trip, so those of you looking to get in on the killer clown action can order your copy here. If you’re more of a streaming person, it’s also available to view on Amazon Prime.

Coulrophobia follows an all-female roller derby team who are menaced by a family of maniacal clowns when they go camping in the Scottish highlands. The film was directed by Warren Speed, who appears as the psychotic clown Milo Grock. It also starred Pete Bennett, Ilona Bendziute, Daniella D’Ville, Roxy Bordeaux, Chris M.T. Harrison, and Makenna Guyler.

If you enjoy Coulrophobia, you might also be interested in supporting Speed’s next project, a heavy metal-themed slashed called Dirty Tuppence.


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