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Here’s Every Horror Rental Coming to Video on Demand This Week! (10/29)



Article - Here’s Every Horror Rental Coming to Video on Demand This Week! (10/29)

This October, we’ve been spoiled with a resurgence in horror at all levels and the imminent return of Samhain. This week, however, the VOD rental options are vastly fewer. Fear not, there’s still some good, disgusting fun to be had in the world of streaming. We’ve got a Creepy Pasta tale, a new entry into desktop storytelling, an artsy possession film and the return of dinner party horror.

Here’s every new horror release available to rent this week on demand!

Slenderman (10/30, multiple VOD platforms and available for pre-order here)

Earlier this year the studio behind Slenderman curiously decided to push the film into direct competition with giant shark thriller The Meg. This left many of us at a horror crossroads that weekend. For those of us that saw The Meg instead, this will offer a great opportunity to check out Slenderman for ourselves, despite the negative reviews. That’s how horror movies work, right? You hear something in the distance and feel the need to check it out. Even though every instinct is telling you Jason Voorhees is about to shove an ice pick into your face hole. You still go.

Searching (10/30, multiple VOD platforms and available for pre-order here)

Sure, it’s definitely more thriller than horror, but this week it’s slim pickings! Plus, the parallels to horror films Unfriended and Ratter are hard to ignore. For anyone out there looking for more desktop thrills, which is a strangely satisfying sub-genre when done well; Searching might be your best choice this week. The film stars John Cho as a father whose 16-year-old daughter goes missing, prompting him to investigate her laptop in a race to find her.

Welcome to Mercy (11/2, available on multiple VOD platforms)

This one easily takes the “best chance to scare the shit out of you this week” award. The trailer features a well made possession film with creative camera angles and a stylish presentation. Why do I feel like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho when I say that sentence out loud? I’ll definitely be checking out Welcome to Mercy this week. Now, feed me a stray cat.

Monster Party (11/2, available on multiple VOD platforms)

In Monster Party, we’re mixing a bit of “wrong place, wrong time” horror with a serial killer cult featuring Deb from Empire Records (Robin Tunney)! I’m already in. Not to mention what is sure to be another interesting role for Lance Reddick (The Guest).

Dinner party horror almost always leads to a good time. Would You Rather, You’re Next, The Perfect Host and The Invitation all come to mind initially. Keep in mind I’m not including dinner scenes like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Greta’s death scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream ChildHere’s hopingMonster Party can add another fun entry to the list. No matter what dinner party you find yourself at, just remember to keep a watch out for this guy:

scary movie 2 - Here’s Every Horror Rental Coming to Video on Demand This Week! (10/29)

That’s all folks! Next week features quite a bit more VOD horror to sink your teeth into. See you then! What will you be watching this week?





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