critters 1 poster 03 197x300 - SyFy Rebooting CRITTERS and KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACEIt was just the other day that we shared our list of 80’s Creatures That Deserve Reboots and already today we have word via our buddies over at Bloody Disgusting that both Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Critters have new films in the works!

Evidently, Syfy is in talks to license the rights to make new feature films based on the Chiodo brothers’ Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Stephen Herek’s Critters. Not much else in know at the time but we will make sure to keep on top of this story as it develops and pass along word ASAP.

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Killer Klowns from Outer Space synopsis:

When teenagers Mike (Grant Cramer) and Debbie (Suzanne Snyder) see a comet crash outside their sleepy small town, they investigate and discover a pack of murderous aliens who look very much like circus clowns. They try to warn the local authorities, but everyone assumes their story is a prank. Meanwhile, the clowns set about harvesting and eating as many people as they can. It’s not until they kidnap Debbie that Mike decides it’s up to him to stop the clowns’ bloody rampage.

Critters synopsis:

When strange fuzzy creatures from outer space arrive on a farm, the Brown family — Jay (Billy Green Bush), Helen (Dee Wallace-Stone), their daughter, April (Nadine Van Der Velde), and their son, Brad (Scott Grimes) — must fend off the malevolent little aliens. Two bounty hunters with superhuman abilities follow the aggressive beasts from beyond, but the warriors aren’t terribly effective, leaving the Brown family to battle the fur balls and rescue April from their clutches all by themselves.