Exclusive TERRORTORY 2 Clip is a Real Head Splitter

terrortory2 jack on will dread banner1200x627 750x422 - Exclusive TERRORTORY 2 Clip is a Real Head Splitter

terrortory2poster 212x300 - Exclusive TERRORTORY 2 Clip is a Real Head SplitterFor those of you who are taking October as a chance to seek out horror films you may not have heard of and/or seen, then may I recommend you cast your eyes upon Terrortory 2, the horror anthology sequel to the 2016 original? Featuring four stories that are tied together with a consistent thread, the film exudes Halloween creepiness with a bevy of monsters, some gore, and some EC Comics-style frights!

Above is an exclusive clip from the film that starts out innocently enough. A few friends are in the woods and one of them decides to start dancing after putting some tunes on. However, the approach of a pumpkin-wearing man, who also happens to be wielding a wicked looking knife, gives them cause for concern. Rightfully so, it turns out.

Terrortory 2 stars Alexandra Saidkhodjaeva, Sarah Schroeder, Chelsea Kater, Richard Cutting (National Treasure 2, Garden of Hedon), Joe Cardamone (Ice Cold Killers), Josh Davidson (Ghost Don’t Exist, The Maladjusted), Fred Cowie (WNUF Halloween Special), and M.T. Smith (The Midnight Disease).

You can watch it FOR FREE during October through Amazon Prime.

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