Exclusive 100 FATHOMS BELOW Takes Readers Into Horror’s Murky Depths

If you’re a fan of aquatic horror but you find that the cinematic world isn’t doing it for you anymore, perhaps it’s time to venture into the world of written terror and what better place to start than Steven L. Kent and Nicholas Kaufmann’s 100 Fathoms Below? The story follows a US nuclear sub whose crew isn’t alone in the dark depths of the ocean. To get you intrigued by the premise, we’ve got an exclusive trailer that you can watch below.

100 fathoms below… the depth at which sunlight no longer penetrates the ocean.

1983. The US nuclear submarine USS Roanoke embarks on a classified spy mission into Soviet waters. Their goal: to find evidence of a new, faster, and deadlier Soviet submarine that could tip the balance of the Cold War. But the Roanoke crew isn’t alone. Something is on board with them. Something cunning and malevolent.

Trapped in enemy territory and hunted by Soviet submarines, tensions escalate and crew members turn on each other. When the lights go out and horror fills the corridors, it will take everything the crew has to survive the menace coming from outside and inside the submarine.

In the dark.

100 Fathoms Below comes out October 9 through Blackstone Publishing. Pre-orders are available here.



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