Exclusive SLASHER DAVE Track “Frights” Brings Aural Halloween Joy

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spin102 SlasherDave 8x8 300x300 - Exclusive SLASHER DAVE Track "Frights" Brings Aural Halloween JoyWhen it comes to setting the mood for a Halloween party, you can hang up all the fake cobwebs in the world, cover your dining table in spooky treats, dishes, and cutlery, and cover your lawn in tombstones until the cows come home. None of that matters if the right soundtrack isn’t in effect! If you ain’t got the tunes to back up your visuals, you’re missing out on a core ingredient of what makes a Halloween party successful. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Acid Witch frontman Slasher Dave to bring you an exclusive premiere of the title track from his upcoming solo album Frights!

Slasher Dave tells Dread Central, “Frights was the first song written on the album. It wasn’t really meant to be a part of it, it was just me screwing around with some creepy laughing samples. Originally it was just bass, drums, the choir ah’s and different pitched laughs, then guitars were added to beef it up a bit. I’m not sure why, but I named it Frights when I was saving. This is before the whispered “FRIGHTS” voices were even thought of. I got the idea to whisper the word so I recorded it, then got my girlfriend to whisper it to add more depth. I loved it so much I named the album after it, and influenced the entire thing because I just kept thinking, THIS is what I want my new album to sound like. Instead of taking influence and production tips from EDM/club music like the Synthwave genre does, I took that influence from heavy metal. Why not? Lots of reversed cymbals and crazy backwards messages if you listen close enough too. This is the only song on the album that has “vocals”. You can hear me do a weird ghoul voice right before the heavy part kicks in the second time around that sounds almost like puking, my tribute to a Halloween Spooky sounds cassette I had as a kid that featured a man puking violently for one half of the tape.”

Frights comes out on October 26 via 20 Buck Spin on a variety of formats, including LP, CD, and digital. There’s also an exclusive glow-in-the-dark vinyl version available only through the label itself. Pre-orders will be available through this link.

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