John Krasinski Has Officially Started Working on A QUIET PLACE 2

A Quiet Placeposter 192x300 - John Krasinski Has Officially Started Working on A QUIET PLACE 2A Quiet Place has been one of the most successful horror movies of 2018 so far; it was such an immediate hit with both fans and critics, Paramount almost immediately greenlit a sequel. The film also made John Krasinski a rising star in the horror genre; he served as the movie’s director, co-writer, and lead actor. So, what’s the status of A Quiet Place 2?

It’s not rolling along quite as quickly as many fans were probably hoping, most likely due to the fact that Krasinski has been especially busy promoting his series Jack Ryan over the past few months. Still, he recently told the folks at Entertainment Weekly that he’s working on a new script:

“I’ve been tinkering with an idea for a few months and it just started to percolate and we’re all really happy about it.”

It’s unclear where the story will go next, or even if it will include the same characters from A Quiet Place (the ones who survived, that is). It’s possible things could pick up where they left off, or we could jump to a new time/location and get introduced to an entirely new cast. The mythologies established in A Quiet Place are versatile and allow Krasinski several options for a follow-up. Only time will tell!

It’ll definitely be a while until we get an official synopsis; at this point, we don’t even have a production start date or a target release date. Still, we’ll keep our ears to the ground in order to bring you all A Quite Place-related news as details emerge. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can check out the synopsis and trailer for A Quiet Place, now available on Blu-ray/DVD and On Demand, below.

On a devastated Earth overrun by lethal and ever-hearing predators of a possible extraterrestrial origin, the Abbotts struggle to survive in a desolate New York City in a new era of utter silence. As this new type of invader is attracted to noise, even the slightest of sounds can be deadly; however, it’s been already twelve months since the powerful monsters’ first sightings, and this resilient family still stands strong. To learn the rules of survival in this muted dystopia is essential; nevertheless, an otherwise joyous event is threatening an already frail stability. Now, more than ever, don’t make a sound.

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