LUNACY: SAINT RHODES Is A Horror Game Which Adapts To Your Play Style

Publisher Iceberg Interactive have revealed Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, a new first-person survival horror game which adapts to your play style.

Developed by Lazarus Studio, Lunacy: Saint Rhodes tasks the player with investigating their large ancestral home in the namesake town so that you can uncover the truth behind you family’s murder. An advanced AI known as the Author will observe how you play and alter the course of the game based on your actions, which should mean that no two playthroughs of Lunacy: Saint Rhodes will be alike. The game will also feature a wide variety of non-linear paths leading to different outcomes, which once again showcases how it will offer different experiences to different players. It remains to be seen if combat will be featured, although Iceberg have stated that there will be multiple terrifying enemies, which will all require different approaches to overcome.

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes achieved a small cult following after the demo, which was released on, was featured extensively on YouTube. Markiplier’s video of the demo has currently earned over 2.4 million views, so it appears that this is already a game with a large fanbase. Iceberg have also promised that the finished product will be a ‘vast improvement’ over the early demo.

Set to be released on PC next year, Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is currently avaialble to pre-order on Steam. You can also browse a selection of screenshots in the gallery below, and be sure to visit Facebook and Twitter for more official updates.



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