Official FRIGHT NIGHT Comic #1 Now Available

Fright Night Comic Preview Page 1 1 750x422 - Official FRIGHT NIGHT Comic #1 Now Available

Fright Night Comic Preview Page 1 191x300 - Official FRIGHT NIGHT Comic #1 Now AvailableFright Night: The Peter Vincent Chronicles, Issue Zero, is a 24-page original comic book based on a story by Tom Holland, which focusses on the adventures of Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) immediately following the events of the first film, and serves as a bridge into future Fright Night comic books.

The comic is scripted and edited by Ben Meares (Hellraiser: Anthology, Grimm Tales of Terror) and illustrated by Riley Schmitz (Hellraiser: Anthology, Invisible Hands).

It’s all I could hope for. A great continuation of the original,” said Tom Holland. “Roddy would be proud to know his creation was continuing his journey in such high (and bloody) style. Ben Meares’s story is a winner and Riley Schmitz’s artwork captures the Fright Night experience for today’s fans. Onward, with The Peter Vincent Chronicles!

Fright Night is, for a very good reason, a beloved film within the horror community,” Meares said. “I believe a huge contributor to its staying power is the character of Peter Vincent. My goal here was to delve deeper into Peter as a character and present him with a fresh set of challenges, personal and supernatural, to face off against. Being able to do so with the blessing from the film’s creator is quite simply a dream come true.”

As a huge fan of the movie I made it my mission to capture its feel in comic book form, while still trying something new,” artist Riley Schmitz said. “I’m thrilled for this project and truly believe fans will enjoy it.”

You can check out the cover art to the right and a gallery of images below. Then make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!


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