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Exclusive: NOT OF Bring Furious Noise in “Barb Dwyer, Esq.” Video Premiere

notofhypocriticoathcover 300x300 - Exclusive: NOT OF Bring Furious Noise in "Barb Dwyer, Esq." Video PremiereSometimes we here at Dread Central want to bring you something a little different. However, we recognize that when we stray from the pure horror coverage we offer, we still need to offer something vicious, intense, and in-your-face. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you the video premiere for Not Of‘s “Barb Dwyer, Esq.”, which comes from the band’s latest No List Records album Hypocritic Oath.

WARNING: The video features a lot of flashing lights, so please be careful watching it if that affects you.

Victor Malang, co-director/editor/drummer, tells Dread Central, “There used to be an abandoned porcelain figurine factory on the outskirts of the town I grew up in, Dunnville Ontario. Local legend is that illegal ‘fight clubs’ happened there in the 70s and 80s. On March 16th, 1988 a man named Beau Crund may or may not have met his demise at the hands of Bride ‘Pee Wee’ Butterig, a jobber in various third-tier wrestling federations who liked to wear his goalie-mask-and-coveralls costume when participating in these clandestine dust-ups.

Beau Crund lay motionless at the end of this particular fracas, his neck curving at an impossible angle. Pee Wee fled. Supposedly he was seen by some children early the next morning, hovering 15-20 feet above the grave of Dunnville town founder John Henry Dunn. He spoke several words to the children in an unknown language before dissipating into a mist. He was never heard from again. I’m honoured that Pee Wee’s grandson Clum Butterig agreed to portray his grandfather in our video.”

John Ex, vocalist and guitarist, adds, ““Barb Dwyer is musically just a full-on thrash out. The lyrics are bluntly about not-on-purpose/on-purpose self-sabotage—just how, upon
reflection, many of our own best laid plans really had no option but to flame out completely. For all of the stressing out and attention to
detail, it’s as though screwing up was the plan all along.

I commented about how it would be funny if the entire video was just someone paying to get beaten up. Not in some masochistic fashion. Just like, ‘Here you go, let’s do this. At least I have some autonomy over the transaction of it all.’ It’s all silly and weird, and I’d say that Victor and Mitch captured that intent really well. I love it.”

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