POOL PARTY MASSACRE Banned by Asda in the UK

pool party massacre uk dvd2 1 750x422 - POOL PARTY MASSACRE Banned by Asda in the UK

pool party massacre uk dvd 212x300 - POOL PARTY MASSACRE Banned by Asda in the UKBritish supermarket chain Asda has officially banned DVDs of the recently released horror comedy Pool Party Massacre. According to a post on the film’s Facebook page, this was because of numerous complaints to Asda employees about the DVD cover, which shows a skull-faced woman relaxing in a pool and enjoying a martini filled with human eyeballs. How anyone could seriously find that offensive is beyond me, but let’s just say I plan to shop at Tesco from now on.

Asda, a subsidiary of Walmart, is currently the third largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Now, I understand I have no right to tell people where they should buy their groceries, but would you really want to give money to a store that clearly looks upon the horror genre with disdain? That’s for you to decide.

Pool Party Massacre was written and directed by Drew Marvick, and stars Alexis Adams, Sally Burnswello, Nick Byer, Mark Justice, Alexis Adams, and Destiny Faith Nelson. As its name suggests, it’s about a young woman who throws a pool party at her parents’ home, only for a killer to show up and start knocking off the guests one by one.

Those of you living in the UK who want to see Pool Party Massacre can still purchase the film on DVD from Amazon, Zavvi, and HMV.

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