Exclusive: You Can Always Tell an Evil House By Its AURA

aurabanner 750x422 - Exclusive: You Can Always Tell an Evil House By Its AURA

aura dvd 209x300 - Exclusive: You Can Always Tell an Evil House By Its AURAComing to home video on August 7 from Sony Home Entertainment is Hereford Films’ Aura, a supernatural horror film that focuses on a couple who inherit a home that comes with many dark secrets and a disturbing past. We’ve got our hands on the trailer, which you can watch above!

Mitch Walker and his pregnant wife Diane look to start a new life in the home he has inherited from his late uncle; a decision resented by his mother, who is convinced that no good can come from a house that harbors such a dark history. In her childhood, Mitch’s sister Karen suffered a horrifying trauma inside the house that changed her life forever, causing her to be institutionalized in a near-catatonic state. With the blame placed on her uncle, the family was never the same again. In a bid to heal the wounds of the past, Mitch brings Karen home, but soon discovers that her condition is the result of an evil force that has possessed her for most of her life. Working with local clairvoyant Ada, Mitch is thrust into battle with a terrifying demonic presence. Facing insurmountable odds, he must uncover the truth buried within the house and find the key – an old camera designed for Kirlian photography (the practice of capturing a subject’s “aura”) – that may save his sister’s life.

Written and directed by Steve Lawson, Aura stars Shane Taylor, Rula Lenska, Denise Moreno, and Janine Nerissa. It was produced by Jonathan Sothcott and Richard Watts-Joyce.



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