Fandom Gets Homicidal in BATTLE AT THE COMIC EXPO

By Jonathan Barkan

BattleatthecomicexpoCover 188x300 - Fandom Gets Homicidal in BATTLE AT THE COMIC EXPOHaving just gotten back from E3, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a small percentage of event goers who don’t just lose it after a day or two of being pushed around, bumped into, stepped on, and who must endure the aroma of thousands of attendees who seem to forget that deodorant is a thing. Allow me to quote D’Mite’s “Read a Book” and say, “It’s called Speed Stick/It’s not expensive.” However, I know that none of you readers would ever dare to be so rude or callous to those around you. Us horror fans have each other’s backs…and noses.

But what if someone really did snap at a convention and take out their aggression on those they believed wronged them? That’s the basis behind Richard Andreoli’s latest novel, Battle at the Comic Expo, which is available now and can be ordered online.

An obsessed fan with a twisted sense of reality abducts the most arrogant man working in comics today along with his arch-rival — the head of comic con security. Now these two unlikely allies must find a way to save themselves and stop her before she inadvertently kills them and destroys the largest comic book convention in the United States.

Learn more at the book’s official website.