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E3 2018: DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Announced



I enjoyed the Devil May Cry reboot a hell of a lot more than the original game sin the franchise, so I would have preferred the next installment of the franchise to be in the reboot’s continuity, but I’m clearly not the majority, because Devil May Cry 5 will instead be a story about the original white-haired Dante, who for some reason now has a robotic arm. I guess he was going for that Winter Soldier look. His brother Nero, who has been a fan favorite since he first showed up in DMC 4, will also be making a comeback. Hardcore fans can rest assured that Capcom, and not Ninja Theory, are handling development.

As it was shown off during the Microsoft E3 press conference, it’s clear that Devil May Cry 5 will be heading to Xbox One, although a PS4 release has yet to be confirmed (although seeing as the franchise was originally exclusive to PlayStation, it wouldn’t surprise us too much). The trailer was mostly focused on action and did not give us much indication as to the game’s plot, but I was able to ascertain that a city seems to be under siege by demons, with Dante and Nero having to save the day.

Hideaki Itsuno, who previously directed Devil May Cry 3 and 4, was present at the press conference, where he called DMC 5 “the best game he’s ever made.” From those words alone, we’re already super hyped to play Devil May Cry 5 when it launches in spring 2019.

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