Exclusive: How’d You Lose a Body, FERAL?

feralbanner 750x422 - Exclusive: How'd You Lose a Body, FERAL?

Feral poster 01 202x300 - Exclusive: How'd You Lose a Body, FERAL?

Coming this Friday to select theaters and VOD platforms is IFC Midnight’s zombie horror film Feral, which follows a group of friends in the woods who, one by one, begin turning into zombies after a disease rampages through their ranks. We’ve got our hands on a clip from the film, which features Scout Taylor-Compton and Lew Temple looking over the site of a grisly mess of viscera wondering what happened and where the body could have gone.

Your best friend has just been infected with a horrifying virus that will soon turn her into a rabid, rampaging cannibal-zombie. Do you: a) try to save her? or b) kill her before she kills you? That’s the nightmarish scenario six students find themselves facing when their celebratory camping trip goes terrifyingly wrong. One by one, each falls victim to the “feral” disease, until only Alice and Jules — two girlfriends testing the waters of their new relationship — are left standing, armed with a shotgun and holed up in a remote cabin. They’ve got a hell of a fight before them if they hope to survive…

Written by Adam Frazier and directed by Mark H. Young, Feral stars Scout Taylor-Compton, Olivia Luccardi, Lew Temple, Renee Olstead, Brock Kelly, Landry Allbright, and George Finn.