Juan Pablo Raba 750x422 - Netflix's NARCOS Star Says I LOVE ZOMBIES
JUAN PABLO RABA stars in NARCOS. NARCOS S01E05 ” There Will Be A Future”

I Love Zombies 200x300 - Netflix's NARCOS Star Says I LOVE ZOMBIESThe star of Netflix hit series Narcos Juan Pablo Raba will topline black comedy-horror film I Love Zombies. Henry Rivero (El Comandante) will co-direct alongside César Oropeza (Puras joyitas), author of both the screenplay and the popular graphic novel.

On top of that, Variety reports that Goya Award winner Marcelo Pont Vergés (The Secret in Their Eyes), the comic-book illustrator, is also attached as film production designer.

The film was confirmed at Cannes by MadLove co-founders Natalia Agudelo and Nicolás Herreño with Alief‘s Miguel Govea and Brett Walker, and David Matamoros and Angeles Hernández at Zentropa Spain.

I Love Zombies not only aims to seek an audience for its main piece, the movie, but to use multiple initiatives of interaction that try to create loyal fans,” said producer Natalia Agudelo, a former director of Bogota Audiovisual Market (BAM).

The film is set to begin filming next year.


The film narrates a dystopian tale of socio-political intrigue with dark humor and action, where a Central Government’s suicide expedition enters into devastated areas in what used to be a big capital city, now infested with cannibal corpses. Two intertwined stories result from that move, showing a vice-plagued and cruel post-apocalyptic world. The first involves Kid, a young man traumatized by the death of his family at the hands of a horde of walking dead; the other features Lover, a skilled zombie hunter (Raba), whose survival techniques go beyond pragmatism to assassination.

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