Stephen King’s THE GINGERBREAD GIRL Adaptation Coming Soon

It was just last week that we passed along the news that Stephen King has a new Netflix film in the works based on In the Tall Grass, the novella he co-wrote along with his son Joe Hill (Horns).

And today we have word via Deadline that another one of King’s tales is heading to the screen in the way of The Gingerbread Girl, which will be directed by frequent King collaborator Craig R. Baxley (Storm of the Century, The Triangle, Kingdom Hospital and Rose Red).

Even better, the script is co-written by King himself, along with Baxley, and will be produced by Mitchell Galin, who produced tons of King adaptations in the past including Pet Sematary, The Stand, Thinner, The Night Flier, Creepshow 2, The Langoliers, and Golden Years.

We are excited to be working with Craig and Mitchell on this film,” Brainstorm Media president Meyer Shwarzstein said. “This cat-and-mouse thriller will appeal to Stephen King fans everywhere.”

The Gingerbread Girl originally appeared in Esquire magazine and was later included in King’s 2008 collection of stories Just After Sunset.

You cannot find a more valuable or bankable name than Stephen King in today’s market,” said Radiant CEO Mimi Steinbauer. “And this pulse-pounding thriller with memorable characters and gripping tension will be exactly what buyers are looking for in Cannes.”

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The Gingerbread Girl is directed by Craig R. Baxley (Storm of the Century) from a screenplay written by King and Baxley. Mitchell Galin (Pet Sematary) will produce.

Casting is currently underway.


A woman recovering from a recent loss in a secluded house in the loneliest stretch of New England. She avoids contact with her husband and her father and channels her grief into a grueling daily running regimen. This is doing her all kinds of good, until one day she makes the mistake of looking into the driveway of a man named Pickering. Pickering also enjoys privacy, but the young women he brings to his home suffer the consequences of knowing him. The tension hinges on whether Em will be next.



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