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Guess Who’s Replacing Marilyn Chambers in Soska Sisters’ RABID Remake



Laura Vandervoort

If for some reason you’re unfamiliar with me, or my stance on horror movie remakes, my philosophy is the original film is literally untouchable so why not accept a new director’s vision? Especially when we’re talking about David Cronenberg, who is himself a prime example of a director that has mastered the remake game with The Fly.

So, yeah, for those who might be unaware, The Soska Sisters are remaking Cronenberg’s Rabid and today we’ve learned that Laura Vandervoort (Jigsaw) will be taking the lead in the film originally played by Marilyn Chambers.

This terrifying and brilliant script has already proven its market appeal and now with the casting of Laura Vandervoort, we are another step closer to bringing Rabid to audiences worldwide,” Film Mode Entertainment President Clay Epstein says. “Vandervoort has built a loyal, international fan-base of both men and women, of all ages, and her addition to the film will certainly entice buyers in Cannes.”

We are thrilled to be working with Laura Vandervoort on Rabid who is the perfect fit for the role of Rose,” said producer Michael Walker. “She is an incredibly versatile actress who is quick to take on characters in all genres, and effectively tackles every role she plays.

Rabid is directed by the Soska Sisters from a script they co-wrote with John Serge. Michael Walker, Paul Lalonde, and John Vidette are producing. David Gilbery and Charles Dorfman serve as Executive Producers. Laura Vandervoort (Jigsaw) will be taking the lead in the film originally played by Marilyn Chambers


Drawing influence from the original movie, the remake will follow Rose, a young woman who, after an accident leaves her scarred beyond recognition, undergoes a radical untested stem-cell treatment. While turning Rose into the belle of the ball, the experimental transformation comes at a price.



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