Gameplay Footage From THE SINKING CITY Revealed in New Video

Frogwares has released their first Q&A video for The Sinking City, their open world action/adventure game that draws heavily upon the works and themes of H.P. Lovecraft. In the video, Community Manager Sergey Oganesyan tackles several questions that the developer has received via various social media platforms. To supplement the answers, footage from the game has been added which gives a taste as to how the game will play out.

In Oganesyan’s own words, “The Sinking City is a third person open world game which takes place in the 1920’s United States and it is heavily inspired by Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Yes, we do have a city, Oakmont, that you can explore at your will.

“In terms of gameplay, it’s more of a detective game, so you will be solving crimes and unveiling numerous dark crimes and secrets of Oakmont and its people. You know, investigating crime scenes, talking to witnesses, tracking down killers… All of that in a supernatural and often hostile environment. But The Sinking City also has, at the same time, a proper combat system. We have guns, we have weapons, we have traps, we have complimentary skills for you to unlock. And, of course, we have monsters that will haunt you all over the city.

“How long is it going to take you to beat the game? We’re aiming for around 30, maybe 40 hours of playtime. That is if you want to complete the main quest and a majority of side quests. But you can easily go above that if you’re a completionist or just want to see all the different endings.”

To learn more about The Sinking City, make sure to read our interviews with Narrative Lead Sergey Ten and Concept Artist Andrey Roscha.

Written by Jonathan Barkan

Lifelong horror fan with a love of music on the side.

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