Box-Office: A QUIET PLACE Back at #1!

A Quiet Placeposter 192x300 - Box-Office: A QUIET PLACE Back at #1!Looks like John Krasinski’s horror-thriller A Quiet Place has topped the box-office again this weekend. The film scored an impressive as hell total of $22 million for the weekend beating out newcomers such as Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty, Traffik, and the comedy sequel Super Troopers 2.

On top of that, Box-Office Mojo reports the horror flick beat out last week’s top contender Rampage to return to the top sport that it originally snagged two weekends back when it first debuted with a stellar $50 million.

This brings the film’s domestic total to $132 million, and its foreign total to $74.8 million, making its worldwide take a mind-blowing $207 million (thus far)!

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Full Weekend Chart:

1. A Quiet Place $22,000,000

2. Rampage $21,000,000

3. I Feel Pretty $16,220,000

4. Super Troopers 2 $14,700,000

5. Truth or Dare $7,910,000

6. Ready Player One $7,500,000

7. Blockers $6,985,000

8. Black Panther $4,642,000

9. Traffik $3,875,000

10. Isle Of Dogs $3,400,000

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